My Hometown – Richardson, TX

When Professor Peterson announced for this blog assignment to discuss our hometown, I was so excited because I had just got done reading an article on Yahoo! News about real estate in Dallas. I was happy to see that the article brought up the suburb, Richardson, in Dallas because that is where I grew up. Although not a lot of people know the many suburbs Dallas is made of. I will discuss the major facts of Dallas and then discuss the suburb of Richardson in detail and my favorite things about Richardson.

Dallas overall is the sixth strongest real estate market in the country and is a well-known metropolitan area. Dallas is best known for its barbecue and authentic Mexican cuisine, Dallas Museum of Art, State Fair of Texas, and many shopping outlets. Uptown and downtown are the central locations of Dallas and where real estate is booming. Uptown is a more upscale, urban lifestyle with many diverse young professionals. Downtown is more commonly known for a business professional environment and crowded transit. Downtown is filled with many great attractions such as Victory Park, JFK Museum, Dallas World Aquarium, and much more. My favorite thing about Downtown Dallas is coming home for break, driving north on interstate 45 and seeing that Dallas skyline. My least favorite thing about Dallas would probably be the rush-hour traffic and sometimes Dallas can have odd weather patterns.
Dallas Skyline
Richardson, TX is where I lived growing up. Richardson has a strong school system and housing is relatively inexpensive. The location is perfect. It’s close to I-635 and I-75, allowing for quick travel to downtown or any other city. Richardson has consistently grown. Many new urban townhomes and condominiums have been in the works. The mall where kids use to hang out, Richardson Square Mall was redeveloped into an outdoor retail center. More DART rail stations have been built to create more efficiency in transit for the 91,802 people that populate the city of Richardson. There are 35,191 households and 24,774 families residing in the city, as of the 2000 census. The population density was 3,213.0 people per square mile. Richardson has a racial makeup of about 75% White, 12% Asian, 6% African American, and 10% Hispanic. The median income of males was $52,381 and of females was $32,255. Richardson is home to many major corporate expansions from AT&T, Bank of America, Yahoo, Fujitsu, to MetroPCS. The city’s total assessed property value went up from $8.3 billion in 2005 to $9.5 billion in 2008. S&P upgraded Richardson’s credit rating from AA+ to AAA. Richardson is DFW’s second largest employment center. The strong school system rooted in Richardson makes it a great place to raise children. I attended L.V. Berkner High School and the community is exuberated with Berkner Ram pride. A lot of students fill jobs in the community to gain experience. Once again the location is perfect for individuals to get the best shopping experience around North Park Mall, Firewheel Mall, and Allen Outlet. An interesting fact from my childhood is that the house my parents own now was the first house in our neighborhood. I was young and remember my parents negotiating property to be the first house built and the way they wanted the house. It was amazing seeing how quickly the neighborhood had transformed from an empty pile of land to the neighborhood it is now.
Richland Meadows


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